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We welcome you to come and view our new website Strolling Through Ulysses which celebrates Robert Gogan’s new 1 man show which grew from the Bloomsday Story.  Robert is now performing Strolling Through Ulysses in bookshops, book clubs and small theaters throughout Ireland.  Check out our Events Calendar  and see if there are any performances coming to a town or venue near you.


Bloomsday, June 16th 2013

Budgen and Joyce - The Bloomsday Story, Ulysses, James Joyce, Dublin

Our sincere thanks to all those who came out to support The Bloomsday Story in Dun Laoghaire and at St Werburgh’s Church in Dublin during the Bloomsday weekend.   We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

There are more projects in the pipeline.  We will post them as soon as we can.

Until then, enjoy our very condensed version of Ulysses kindly made available to us from The Irish Times and filmed by Niamh Guckian.  3 Minute Ulysses


 3 Minute Ulysses


performed by Robert Gogan (author), Paul Kennedy (author) & Anne Tyrrell
Filmed by Niamh Guckian for The Irish Times


Celebrating James Joyce’s Ulysses


Ulysses by James Joyce Remastered by Robert Gogan Author of The Bloomsday Story.

‘Nobody knows who is doing or saying what!’ is a frustrated comment we often hear concerning Ulysses.  Robert Gogan is aware that many people throughout the world have attempted to read James Joyce’s masterpiece but have abandoned it in disappointment, usually within the first few episodes.

Though not a Joycean Scholar, Robert believes that Ulysses is the greatest piece of English composition ever written and he reads it regularly.

This website is dedicated to assisting those who have (or maybe not) tried Ulysses in the hope that the book can now be accessible to a wider readership.

In an effort to make Ulysses a little easier to read and therefore, hopefully, more enjoyable, Robert has reformatted and restructured the sentences and paragraphs in his new book Ulysses by James Joyce Remastered by Robert Gogan by adding some user friendly punctuation. “I have also separated the narrative from the ‘internal monologue’ so that the reader can instantly tell one from the other,” he says.