Strolling Through Ulysses on Joyce’s birthday

by thebloom on February 3, 2015

That was a busy day yesterday! To mark the celebration of Joyce’s birthday, and the publication of ‘Ulysses’ I really wanted to perform my ‘Strolling Through Ulysses’ somewhere. It turned out that I performed it twice – at lunchtime in Joyce’s Tower in Sandycove, and in the evening in Days Bazaar bookshop in Mullingar.

In Joyce’s Tower 35 people attended the show, with a much smaller number in Days Bazaar.

I was quite tired at the end, but it was well worth it.

I’ve started leaving a flipchart at each venue, for the audience to make comment, if they wish. I used it for the first time at Joyce’s Tower and it was great fun! The photo image shows the result. In case you can’t make out some of the comments, here they are:

“Excellent performance – loved it”

“Wonderful! I’ll give the book another go now”

“Very inspiring”

“Superb performance”.

Modesty precludes me from adding more of the comments!

I’m pretty chuffed and very happy with the audience reaction.

I’ll have some photos from Days Bazaar and Joyce’s Tower tomorrow and I’ll upload them.

Things are moving so quick for ‘Strolling Through Ulysses’ that it’s hard for me to keep up with them.


Joyce Tower comments: 2/2/2015 Joyce Tower comments: 2/2/2015

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