Ulysses Remastered

Ulysses by James Joyce Remastered by Robert Gogan

Ulysses Remastered Book CoverAnother chapter in the 90 year publishing history of Ulysses.

Ulysses is one of the most exceptional and outstanding compositions ever written in the English language. About that, there is no doubt. Its author, James Joyce, declared that the book would keep the professors busy for generations arguing over what he meant. How right he was!

Since its publication in 1922, professors, academics and scholars worldwide have been discussing, analysing and dissecting the very essence of every syllable of every word in the book. The intricate artistic structure, the elaborate literary engineering, the verbal creativity, the unique and inspired use of ‘internal monologue’ and the diversity of styles all contribute to the complexity of Ulysses. The sparse and vague punctuation and the lack of differentiation between the regular narrative and the ‘internal monologue’ in its original printed form amplify the difficulty of Ulysses. The result is that many people consider the book to be too much of a challenge.

What makes ‘Ulysses by James Joyce Remastered by Robert Gogan‘ different?

Robert Gogan’s remastered edition of Ulysses introduces modern user-friendly formatting by applying additional punctuation where necessary and separating the ‘internal monologue’ from the narrative. However, not a single word or syllable of the original text has been changed, thus preserving the integrity and authenticity of Joyce’s creation while at the same time offering an easier reading experience.

At the end of his book Robert has include a section called Reading Guidelines.  He suggests that the reader peruse these guidelines before reading each episode/chapter to help them appreciate some of the more difficult aspects of each episode.